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Suspeno 201-X Moisture Free





SUSPENO 201-X provides anti-settling, pigment suspension and sag control with no increase in apparent viscosity. SUSPENO 201-X is an organic compound that affects the rheology of fluid systems. Performance is achieved by highly efficient dispersions in pigmented coatings. Field experience shows marked improvement in brushing and leveling.


SUSPENO 201-X is reliable and provides uniform performance, being neutral and is not dependent on activation by heat or chemicals. It is unaffected by the nature of the binder, oils, resins, varnishes or vehicles. SUSPENO 201-X has no effect on gloss, color, color retention, flexibility, cure time water and chemical resistance, adhesion or durability.


True Viscosity: Significance

The Stormer and effluent type viscometers record apparent viscosity in the mid range. Such information is useful for production quality control. But it does not deal with what actually takes place under the conditions relating to sagging and pigment suspension.


True viscosity is a critical factor for any coating that requires pigment suspension, anti-settling and sag control. The term means real viscosity in contrast with the apparent viscosity, which is simply a reading by the Stormer viscosimeter in the medium shear range.


Gellants and organic thickeners perform satisfactorily in terms of sag control and pigment suspension but they add viscosity which is undesirable particularly in high solids, low V.O.C. systems or conventional products finishes and industrial coatings.


Note: Both High Solids Systems and Industrial Coatings require high viscosity in the ultra low shear range.



SUSPENO 201-X is recommended for nonaqueous industrial coatings and related products. It is particularly well suited to high solids, low V.O.C. systems:

Product Finishes

Pigmented Lacquers

Maintenance Coatings

Aerospace Coatings

Traffic Marking Paints



SUSPENO 201-X is a pourable or pumpable which allows for weighing and adding to batch process or mill base.

Reduce Dispersion Time

No Breakup of Paste or Powder

No Waste

No Digging from Paste Barrels

Lower Activating Temperature


The Added Feature: MOISTURE FREE

SUSPENO 201-X is Moisture Free, making it eminently suitable for wood finishes (clear and pigmented sealers) where clarity and absence of iron color are essential. Zero moisture is important for urethanes and epoxies, and critical for coatings containing zinc, including aerosols.


Usage Level

Many factors govern the amount to be used: The recommended range is 0.8% to 2.0%. A conservative starting point for evaluation is 1.25% based on total formulation, which allows the operator to reduce or increase the dosage according to the performance requirements of the formulation.


Manufacturing Procedure

To maximize effectiveness SUSPENO 201-X should be incorporated with the pigment portion and sufficient vehicle plus solvent to provide a workable mill base. Good shearing action and dwell time (10-15 minutes minimum) are required. To standardize against variable ambient temperature, a minimum dispersion temperature is 100F (37C) or 120F (48C) if substantial aliphatic solvent is present. Although there is no upper temperature limit, the flash points of the solvent (xylene) should be recognized.

Note: SUSPENO 201-X is not recommended for post-milling stir in use.


Use with Other Rheological Agents

SUSPENO 201-X is synergistic with most organic thixotropes, for example the POLYTROLS, SUSPENO 70 and the organo-clay gellants. Such use depend on the desired properties with due consideration of the viscosity factors.


F.D.A. Status

SUSPENO 201-X is listed in C.F.R., Title 21, 175.300, resinous and polymeric coatings intend for repeated food contact applications.


Active 20.0%

Viscosity 300-800

Color Translucent, Light White

Density (gm/cm3) 0.875 Average

Wt./Gal. 7.3

Solvent Xylene

Packaging 55 Gallon Drum

Gallons Per Pound 0.137 Average


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