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Suspeno 201-MS Improves Brushability






SUSPENO 201-MS is a low viscosity agent for improving the brushability and leveling of architectural paints and maintenance coatings. It is an organic compound, specifically designed to provide rheological control for pigmented systems; improvement in brushing and leveling, pigment suspension and control of sagging.


SUSPENO 201-MS is neutral, chemically non-reactive and does not require heat or activation. It is unaffected by the nature of the binder, oils, resins, varnishes or vehicles. It has no influence on gloss, color, color retention, drying time, flexibility, water and chemical resistance, adhesion or durability. Being moisture free, it will not cause rusting in containers and is safe for use with zinc dust.


Rheology Factors

In formulating architectural paints and maintenance coatings, it is necessary to comply with pollution control regulations. These standards call for low V.O.C. (volatile organic compounds) and high non-volatile systems, which are known to be difficult for brush or roller applications. Poor brushing is corrected by the addition of SUSPENO 201-MS, which also provides sag control, pigment suspension and good leveling.


SUSPENO 201-MS has no affect on the apparent viscosity in the mid range as reported by the Stormer and effluent type viscometers. Although these instruments are excellent for production quality control they do not supply information on the critical ultra low shear range. SUSPENO 201-MS provides brushing and leveling while preventing sag and pigment settling.


Note: Both High Solids Systems and Industrial Coatings require high viscosity in the ultra low shear range.


SUSPENO 201-MS is recommended for use in aliphatic-based architectural coatings and maintenance paints which are generally applied by brush or roller. It is equally effective in pigmented systems containing aromatic solvents.



SUSPENO 201-MS pours easily (pumpable) for weighing and adding to the batch or mill base.

No Waste

No Problem with Activating or Processing Temperature

Reduce Dispersion Time

The Added Feature: MOISTURE FREE

SUSPENO 201-MS is well suited for all pigmented coatings, particularly those in which iron discoloration cannot be tolerated. (See photo at right).


Usage Level

The recommended range is 0.8% to 2.0% by weight. A conservative level for evaluation is 1.25% based on the total formulation. This is sufficient to indicate effectiveness and allow the operator to make adjustments as necessary.


Manufacturing Procedure

SUSPENO 201-MS should be incorporated with the pigment portion and sufficient vehicle plus solvent to provide a workable mill base. Shearing action for 15 minutes is suggested. To standardize against variable ambient temperature, a minimum dispersion temperature is 100F (37C). A higher temperature is permissible, keeping in mind the flash point of mineral spirits in the batch.


Note: SUSPENO 201-MS is a new product with proved industry acceptance. However information is not yet available concerning its use as a post-milling stir in additive.


Use with Other Rheological Agents

SUSPENO 201-MS is not only competitive with organic thixitropes such as the POLYTROLS and the organo-clay gallants, but has been found to be synergistic with them.



Active 20%

Viscosity 300-800

Color Translucent, Light White

Density (gm/cm3) 0.80 Average

Wt./Gal. 6.7 Average

Solvent Mineral Spirits

Packaging 55-Gallon Drum

Gallons Per Pound 0.150 Average



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