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Suspeno 70





SUSPENO 70 is a liquid flow control agent for use in the production stage or as a stir-in post addition to the finished product. It requires no predispension or activation and will correct sagging, running, dripping and curtaining of paints, or slumping in heavy bodied compounds. SUSPENO 70 has no effect on gloss, color, dry or cure time and flexibility. The prevention of sagging is readily demonstrated by testing wet films with the Leneta Sag Liner.



Ø Architectural Paints, Wood Stains and Primers

Ø Industrial Coatings and Product Finishes

Ø Maintenance and Marine Coatings

Ø Traffic Paints

Ø Pigmented Lacquers

Ø Inks and Adhesives

Ø Putty, Caulks, Sealants

Ø Mastic and Trowel Compounds

Ø Asphaltic and Bituminous Compound



The action of SUSPENO 70 is not dependent on pigment reactivity nor does it relate to temperature, vehicle acidity, soaps, special solvent or surfactants. Being adsorbed on particle surfaces it prevents agglomeration and settling. SUSPENO 70 does not significantly alter apparent viscosity in the mid-shearing range such as observed in the Stormer viscometer and effluent cups (Ford, Shell, Zahn). It does increase viscosity in the ultra low shear range (.05 to 1.0 reciprocal seconds). This is an important factor in industrial coatings, which, because of high solids requirements, cannot tolerate a major viscosity increase.


Slight pigment settling is generally tolerated so long as the system can be easily reconstituted. Highly undesirable caking and hard packing are avoided by the use of SUSPENO 70.


Sag control is achieved by reason of SUSPENO 70’s high viscosity in the ultra low shear range. Its efficiency is readily demonstrated by adding it to paint at a test level of 5-7 pound per one hundred gallons. After thorough mixing (10-12 minutes) the paint can be brushed on a horizontal surface, scribed with a blunt point (pencil eraser) and them placed in a vertical position to observe sag correction.


SUSPENO 70 is effective in a wide range of pigmented vehicles; oils, varnishes, alkyds, alkyd/amino systems, esters, polyurethane’s, cellulosic and acrylic lacquers, chlorinated rubber and vinyl. The normal solvents: aliphatic, aromatic and oxygenated are generally suitable.



SUSPENO 70 can be added at any stage of production using conventional dispersion equipment. For correction of off-standard batches or reworking old material in storage, the stir-in principle is adequate. Through mixing for 10-12 minutes is suggested. There are not temperature restrictions governing the use of SUSPENO 70.


Usage Level

SUSPENO 70 is generally used in the range of 0.4% to 1.2% based on total weight. Preliminary evaluation is suggested at five-seven per 100 gallons.



Form Viscous, brownish yellow liquid

Density (gm/cm3) 1.04

Wt./Gal. 8.7

Kilograms/Liter 1.0444

Bulking Value (gallons/lbs.) 0.115





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